CSI skills and experience
CSI are multi-skilled installers trained in fitting, machining, fabrication, sheet metal, welding, cutting, rigging, instrumentation, pipe fitting, precision measurement and have worked throughout many industries, from nuclear power to food processing. Our core business is the installation of material handling systems, we have gained a wealth of knowledge and experience while working throughout many industries, we offer an outstanding installation service backed up by our many engineering skills.
Our machining skills include millings, boring, lathing, surface grinding and shaping of all type of steels and alloys.
CSI have welded boilers, structural steel, platforms, S/S food processing, we do assembly and fitting of complex machinery and work to precision.
Rigging, we have lifted everything from machines to silos and to heights that we have had to allow for wind conditions.
CSI are experience in sheet metal, fabrication. pipe bending and pipe fitting.
CSI always work safely . . .
Always mindful of what we are doing and those around us, our first consideration is safety when installing.
safety First
Contracting Service Installations