CSI strip down, refurbish, move, reassemble, build, repair and install industrial plants and handling systems
CSI have a wealth of experience to offer your company, if you require any installation work performing please contact us, we would be happy to come and discus the work you require doing and the date it must be completed by, we don’t undertake what we cannot do.

We have always completed the work we have undertaken in the time our customers expected, and we have never had a dissatisfied customer with any work we have become involved in.

We Have Installed
Coca Cola Plants
Express Dairy Plants
Ford Motors Handling Systems Baggage Handling Systems
Parcel handling Systems
Food Processing Plants
Steel Structures
Textile Machinery
Hydraulic Systems
Oil Boilers, Flash Boilers
Pneumatics Systems
Glove Boxes
Pressure Controls (Nuclear)
Gas Analysers Systems
Cereal Cookers
Baking Ovens
Blower Units
Mail Order
Concrete Plants
Paper Mills
Glass Manufacture
SMC Clean Rooms
Textile Process Systems
Oil Filling Plants
Handling Systems
Warehouse Systems
Accumulate Conveyors
Overhead Conveyors

and many more....

We have installed plants and systems for . . .
CSI always work safely . . .
Always mindful of what we are doing and those around us, our first consideration is safety when installing.
safety First
Contracting Service Installations